Meet Our Founders

At Apnee Community, our journey is steered by the vision and dedication of our esteemed founders, Surajit Sengupta and Rajiv Paul. Their combined passion for Indian culture & reaching out to the community at large laid the foundation for this innovative platform, reshaping the landscape of event management. With the common goal to empower Indian Community Organizers & Business, and eventually bridge societal discretions, Surajit & Rajiv joined hands and started Apnee Community

Surajit Sengupta

co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Surajit is a seasoned entrepreneur driven by a passion for community service. With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by immigrant diasporas, he had envisioned a solution to consolidate pertinent events and business under one umbrella. As the CEO, Surajit is responsible for Organizational oversight and leading the strategic roadmap of Apnee Community. His inclination and commitment to do something for the Indian diaspora in the USA has been instrumental in developing Apnee Community as a dedicated platform in promoting cultural exchange.

Rajiv Paul

co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Rajiv is a Management Consultant by profession, and has previously worked with Accenture and Digital Transformation Organization, Aptara. His digital marketing expertise has been instrumental in laying a durable foundation stone for Apnee Community. As COO, Rajiv takes the onus of providing seamless user experience through our platform and connects the Indian diaspora with their respective business community, regions, languages, traditions & interests. And that’s not all Apart from being a Community Leader himself, Rajiv also wears the hat of a Radio Jockey and keeps his listeners spellbound through his Suno Audio radio shows every weekend.